Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Working week

My working week kind of blends from one week to the next, i very rarely get enough of a weekend off to notice the new week starting!
I am not complaining, i love my job and my work. Working for myself was not a step i took lightly, it is not the easy option! The hours are long, the pay is crap and the conditions can often be grim but i love it!

My week starts on Sunday up at silly  o'clock, quick brew and we are dressed and out asap... my boys work at weekend so we have to make sure who ever is working is awake and who ever is at home will feed the cats!
Juggling family, home and work is hard work!
We usually do 2 or 3 car boots or flea markets, around 60-70 miles in the quickest time possible.. dealers get up early and are in there for all the best stuff! I try to catch up with a few friends that we meet at the same boot sales and then it is home for tea and usually a bacon sarnie.

The shop is open on a Sunday in Summer...

Monday is my day off, the day i run around doing home stuff and family stuff
Tuesday and Wednesday i do the cleaning and sorting of the new vintage stock.
Thursday is my work day off, i do all the paperwork, stock up on supplies and run shop errands.
Friday and Saturday i try to sew and work on commissions between customers.
and then we are back to Sunday... my week does fly by.

In with all this i have 4 children, 3 cats and one hubby to be.

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