Friday, 9 May 2014

Time for a change

Some of you may have noticed i have been a tad grumpy of late!
This needs to change, my blog is supposed to be a happy place for me and for you too but sometimes life is not all fluffy bunnies and i think that is what has come over in the past few months!

It has been hard since the death of my friend and shop partner but i have taken a big step forward with the shop move and i need to stop feeling bad for feeling pleased with all i have achieved over the past three months.

I think we are often to hard on ourselves and we should say "hey look i have done this". We need to learn to give ourselves a big pat on the back and a well done!!

So to get me in the happy place again i am going to add one pic and a few words each day of things that make me happy.

Sara x

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