Monday, 21 April 2014

Roll up roll up... it was sale time

I like to have a sale on Bank Holidays, today was horrid to start and i did wonder if it would be worth it while i was freezing dragging myself around a terrible Sunday market in the fog!

But by the time we had got home with what i can only describe as meager finds... 3 lovely pictures but that was all! Not worth the £20 petrol or the very early start but hey ho. Anyhoo the weather had changed and the sun was shining so after  a quick cup of tea... my first of the day grrrr, i set off to open the shop.

Now we all have signs at the end of the road into Bridgemont to send folk up to the industrial estate which is off the beaten track, anyhoo can you guess how surprised  i was to find some idiot (not the word i used at the time) had vandalised our sign!!!!

Now luckily after much searching we found the sign and put it back but this is another kick in the teeth for many shop owners... wanton vandalism! Why, why do they feel the need to do this kind of thing, well all i can say is they are mindless feckwits, with no morals or manners.

So after spending time fixing the sign we opened the shop to lots of lovely buyers, all were so shocked when i told them of what had happened.

In between customers i re organised the garden section and then washed some china tea sets.

I will not let these bad things get me down when i have so many lovely customers and such wonderful supportive friends and family x

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