Sunday, 20 April 2014


Vintage can be seen as a dirty word sometimes... people seem to think we buy everything cheap as chips and then bang them in the shop at an extortionate price but think on this!

I get up at 5.30 on a weekend, go out in the cold dark muddy freezing in Winter weather, searching in sometimes grungy stuff that makes you want to reach for the hand sanitiser quicker than a flash.
You have to run the barge of the ruthless steely eyed dealers.. yes yes i know i am a dealer but i try to be polite and not barge folk around just because i am not that desperate to find that think!
Then you have the unbudging grumpy sellers who mention the price on ebay with every second breath, to me ebay is nothing at all to do with reality, if you bags a bargain then good oh but half the time prices have no rhyme or reason!
That is before i add in the cost of fuel and time, then bring it home clean, clean some more and then often repair.

It all takes time and after all that i often do research on each piece so when someone asks i can give them as much info as possible.

Shall leave you with this thought... at one of todays tiny car boots we dropped in at by chance.

An enamel wash bowl uncleaned and in need of a bit of tlc... asked the seller the cost £15.00 he barked at me... well that my dear readers is exactly what i sell the same size bowl for in our shop!
Ours are cleaned and the rust is treated, i promise i don't bark at customers either and always try and smile too!

Tatty bye x

Hope you are enjoying a little look into the real world of a vintage shop owner :)

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