Friday, 27 December 2013

what time is it Mr Wolf.......

no i haven't lost the plot again!!!
I am using my Christmas break time to faff and mess around with all those ideas, notes i have scribbled down and pics i have pinned to Pinterest.
I am drawn to sketching again, something i haven't done for years and years.

My head is full of things for the year, i always wonder if i should share my thoughts with you all, i suppose it is that constant thing about doing something new and different... the question is is there a new and different or are we all just going round in similar circles meeting at certain points with what seems like the same idea.

Anyhoo, my head is full of wildlife, clocks, medals, velvet and tweed. In there too are pastel shades of Spring, soft linens, metals especially precious golds and bronze.
I find a lot of inspiration in the bleakness of Winter... the tiniest bit of colour pings out at you in a massive way. I love the greys and blacks too.

So there you are, what is  in my head today x

Sorry the pics may not make much sense but it is grim outside so i am not venturing out to take pics... not even for you lovely lot x

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