Thursday, 26 December 2013


Well as you may already know, my life has changed in many ways over the last few months!
In January, Mr KE went back to work... i kicked back and re-thought my life for a few a while.
I got an offer that was to change my life! I also made a new friend.
My baby girl became a woman, at 18 she has grown into a beautiful kind and caring woman... ok so she can be grumpy and very stubborn.. who knows where she got that from ;)
Things skipped along, ups and downs happened and work carried on!
I struggled with sewing and being creative for the first half of the year, i was being torn in all different directions.

Then as by luck not magic, things started to fall into place, we had a holiday to look forward too and at last my dream was about to come true.

In July we opened the shop, it wasn't just right yet but it was darn well getting there... i stumbled along sharing the next few months of fun with my friend and shop partner. The shop started to grow, slowly the word got out!

Then as all seemed so right, things started to go wrong, i didn't share this as i feared it would all fail. How was i too know things where about to change in ways i never thought of.

I started the large amount of fairs we had booked for the Winter and then boooooooooooooom!

Life ground to a very sudden halt when my friend and shop partner passed away.
I felt like the world around me had just fallen away from under me.

I questioned everything and wondered if too carry on was what i wanted, should i just give up the shop and get a little part time job with no ties or attachments.
This past few weeks i have started to see where i am going and by luck yet again, i have been offered a new workspace, very large and to be honest it is just perfect........... i believe that everything happens for a reason and out of all sadness some joy can come.

So here i sit on Boxing day, thinking about my friend who even if he drove me mad, i shall miss more than words can convey. I am so truly thankful to him for giving me the push to try this shop lark, the confidence that it would work no matter what. I am sad he was only my friend for such a short time.

May your light shine bright my friend and may you watch down on me and see how this new shop will rock, just like we had planned.


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