Saturday, 28 December 2013

Hunkering down

The weather is a little bit "grim up North" today and we are stopping in away from the dreaded sales... i like time to sit and thinking.
I seem to be getting more and more into a simpler life.
I like quiet and peace and family time too.

The children are more into doing their own thing.

The really do grow so fast!
If you have little ones this may seem so far off for you but treasure everyday, they really really do grow so fast.

Anyhoo, i am planning for our year, we have things we want and need to achieve and we want to save if we can so one of our wishes can come true.

I am going to be as frugal as i can this year.. with a full time job each and teens this may be hard work but i am sure we can do it.
We are avoiding the sales if we can but sadly have to go soon to get new Winter shoes for all the children.
I may get some gift sets if i can find nice ones and pop them away for next year, they are always handy to keep for those emergency gifts!!

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