Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Finding lots of lovely fabric over the past few years, would you believe that i have quite a collection!!!
So as i have been sorting and selling off the fabric i no longer need or want, i unearthed lots of my found fabrics too! I forget sometimes how lovely some of them are... especially the delicate flower below

I have sold lots of big pieces of fabrics and other sewing related things but wanted something i could pop on the website as well as sell at fairs and events and make a regular thing, so i made more inspiration packs!
Boy oh boy they have sold like hot cakes!

They are fun to make up and mean i can share some of my fabric finds without using up all of my vintage stash!
After lots of lovely comments and request over on fb, i even made a pack for me and have been making things just for me... this brooch is one of them

I shall be doing a few blog posts about what i make too!

They will also be fab to use for my mini workshops which will hopefully start in the Summer.

If you are interested in either please do drop me a message through the website x

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Jenny said...

OOh can't wait to see what you make with all those things!