Saturday, 12 May 2012

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ok ok so i am slacking again, on the blogging front that is! Work has been manic, home life is manic too.
This week only we have had a child with the "sick" bug, i chunked my finger which made sewing an nightmare, the brakes went hey ho on the car and it now looks like the exhaust we had replaced not so long ago is up the junction too but luckily the garage are super fab and are replacing it for us!

K has finally got her dental op date through so we are on a countdown now, not sure how it will go but it has to be done before the damage gets any worse!

It seems wedding season has kicked into full swing and i have written on your wedding day what seems like a million and one times, not that i mind infact i love knowing my work will be part of the happy couples special day xx


Jenny said...

That's really lovely. What is it?

saraeden said...

Hi Jenny, thank you and it is a wedding keepsake decoration x x

MelMel said...

saraeden said...

Thanks honey, hope you are well? xx