Monday, 7 May 2012

More finds... this time it is to re stock my vintage and found fabric stash!

I seem to be moving more and more away from new fabrics to those that have either been loved and used before or bought to make something and then put away and never used until they are found and passed on to a new home...  and are now mine x


Rebecca said...

ohh are these from Chesterfield? I saw some identical at the flea market last week, I nearly bought them but had already spent too much! xx

saraeden said...

Yes some are my lovely, i got the others from Hope!
The stall that sells them has some gorgeous fabric, i could have spent lots of money, i also got my little cup from the last post there too :o)

One day we shall bump into each other i am sure! Think the closest is the photo you took in Buxton a few years ago... do you remember it?

Sara xx

Rebecca said...

Yes yes, I do remember that photo! We always seem to be in the same places, I am sure it won't be too long until we meet! xx