Wednesday, 18 April 2012


this will make two cakes
i made a square cake as well as this one above as i didn't have any lemon curd to put in the middle ... if that makes sense!

So here goes
125g caster sugar
3 eggs
125g butter/ soft marg
200g self raising flour
1 orange
icing sugar
lemon curd

mix butter and sugar then add the grated zest of the orange
then add the eggs and mix.
Next sift in the flour mix all together now cut the orange in half and juice one half
add to the mix
divide between lined and greased tins

now mix some icing sugar with the juice from the other half of the orange
grate in a bit more orange zest ... put to one side for when the cake has cooled.

bake cake at around 170 (not sure what gas mark will check) depending on your oven
until it is light golden and springy to touch
Will time the next one i make for you.

allow to cool and spread lemon curd on the cake you have chosen for the base
basically just like you do with any sponge cake
pop the top on and then
drizzle over icing ice and eat ..... yum yum yummy

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