Saturday, 5 May 2012

Wow it is that long since i posted that blogger has changed around me!

I have kinda fallen out with blogging, not because i don't love reading other blogs because i do!
Not because i haven't anything to tell you but because i am so short on spare time, even now i am juggling updating the website with having to go and sort out Kitty being picked on by one of the local little !!!!
Why don't some people teach their children right from wrong?? But hey that is a whole blog never mind post!! Baking a honey roast ham and cooking the rhubarb for crumble for tomorrow tea!
The weather has been grotty and not at all fit for taking pics!
I still miss my lovely old camera and struggle to get my head around using C's big camera, that is when i can get my sticky mitts on it!
I swear he sleeps with that camera under his pillow sometimes!

So i need to ease myself back in maybe or should i just blog like a mad woman trying to catch up?

I want to blog a little tutorial on free machine embroidery and i also want to carry on with the fair (fayre) posts i started before Christmas!

I have lots of updated things i have made to show you including this beauty  which sold before i had even chance to add it to the website.

So one shall get ones finger out yet again, i must add in my own defence i am much happier when the sun is shinning and i am not wrapped up in a million and one layers xx


MelMel said...

I love your pretty!xx

Melanie said...

That is so cute. I really need to kick myself up the bum and get sewing again. I keep buying material but do nothing with it!