Monday, 16 April 2012

Which machine!!

i get asked a lot what machine i use, i thought i would do a quick blog!

Well it is easy really, i use a old straight stitch Jones sewing machine

It is very solid and heavy... hence my bad back if i forget to lift it properly!

I as you know spend most of my day drawing with the machine
better known as free machine embroidery.
Some people think i have a fancy machine that you pop a programme in and it does it all for you but nope it is all done by me and the single straight stitch.

So if you want to do a little or lot of the old FME, here are a few things to thing about machine wise...
  1. It helps to be able to control the speed of your machine so you can take your time when you start or need to to teeny tiny sewing.
  2. You need to be able to drop the feed dogs and a darning foot or special foot for FME!
  3. Your machine needs to be quite sturdy as you grow in confidence you will stitch faster.
You need to remember as well it is *you* that does the drawing/stitching not the machine so practise is needed and this way you will develop your own style.

Start with simple easy shapes i find circles and wiggles are good you can then turn these into flower shapes and before you know it you will be writing and drawing away

hope this helps and if you have any questions please ask x

Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh cannot get the rest of the pics to load!!


Josie said...

So do you need a different needle as well as a special foot?

Josie x

saraeden said...

Nope just a normal needle!

The foot is what is called a darning foot with these machines... it came in with all those little bits you get in the side box

I think you can also get clear plastic ones and ones that are shaped a bit like a horse shoe, if that makes sense!!
You can always go without a foot at all if you are brave... i find using a hoop helps if you do it this way! I see another blog post coming on here x

Michelle Fallon said...

oh my goodness - I've got that machine but can't find a manual anywhere - do you happen to have one?? Michelle (ever so excited!)