Friday, 6 January 2012

juggling all those balls

Every Christmas i work myself into a state of stress and utter and complete tiredness
what with wholesale orders, webite orders and lots of fairs and events!
I then decide to cut back on designs and items i make, i give up on making things that cannot be made at the speed of light to keep up with wholesale customers who want is ASAP or quicker if poss!!

I have stopped making some of my fave designs that i like and that i like doing
so i have now decided to be very strict about what products i make for wholesale and also what i make for the website and for my events!

This may take me a while to get my head around and i will have to learn to be strict and say no sorry that is not on the wholesale list.

So here are the pics of some of my fave designs i make that i shall be making lots more of again... they may even get a small face lift as well x


LissyLou said...

they are all rreally pretty xx

Pipany said...

Christmas is a great time for re-evaluating isn't it Sara? Well done for sorting this issu x