Saturday, 7 January 2012

sugar rush

oh yes the sugar rush from making marmalade
Pink grapefruit marmalade to be precise
well you have to keep trying to to test it is setting... don't you?!

I bought some grapefruit with the hope that teagirl (eldest dd) would eat it for breakfast but nooooo she doesn't likey.
So they sat there and sat there and then last night i thought
i really must do something with them and with the 5 lemons i just bought for 75p
so i did what i always do when i want to find something out
i googled it!
So after 2 hrs we now have 2 small jars of marmalade
all for the cost of some sugar, a lemon and a grapefruit!

The rest of the lemons are for lemon drizzle cake and then the rest are chopped into chunks and chucked in a grip seal bag in the freezer x

update the marmalade is amazing... had some on toast for my breakfast :o)

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Emmie and Emma said...

sounds yummy, well done for being thrifty and making something delicious. there's nothing like the zing of home-made marmalade and the smell of toast on a wintry day!