Monday, 2 January 2012


we normally go for a walk on New years day but sadly it was decidedly manky here yesterday.

So this morning i stripped all the beds did 6 loads of quick washes and got all the bedding out on the line in the cold blowy weather.
The eldest girl was up and out filming early
the boys off to their friends farm
so that left me C and the little K
so we put on our boots and coats and had a quick walk and took some pics

luckily it is just 5 mins from our house
so afterwards it was a quick dash for some much needed supplies and then home for hot chocolate

I have started to take the decorations down too
a few at a time as it looks so bare without them
but we do have twinkly lights up all year round here!

now i am on to sorting stock boxes... yikes they are pretty empty
so lots of sewing lists need to be written tonight!

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Just Original said...

Sounds like a great day, we blew off the cobwebs in Filey!

Vanessa x