Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New year

Well here it is a
New Year
i feel it will be a good one, i just know it will x

So here is a little snippet of my year last year

working backwards let start with the highlights of December
in between lots and lots of sewing me and C finally managed to get to the Chatsworth weekend fairs... we have wanted to go for a few years but never made it

I took this pic of the deer while waiting in the queue to get in
It was a fab few hours out and we made the big step to ask lots of stallholders
what they thought of it and got a big thumbs up from most
so it is on our list of events to do hopefully in 2012.

I launched my phone cases on the website, they have normally only been available at events as the old website didn't allow me the scope to add them without doing a listing for each one.
They have been a massive hit and i feel they shall be a big seller in 2012 x

Why the robin badge you ask
well i was lucky enough to be offered some time on the fab press loft
and out of all things downloaded
this robin badge was the most popular
it was even downloaded for such papers as the Daily Mail
i was too busy to keep up with where it was actually used
but sales were good so it must have been somewhere x

So there is a snippet of my December
a mad manic month that saw the most sales we have ever had on the website
including the busiest lunchtime ever.

We had a very sad time but i don't want to dwell on that
it is still a raw and painful thing for us to all talk about
but we have all learned what is important in the past few weeks
and that is being a family and not being afraid to show our feelings
or to give each other a hug.

Christmas was a quiet affair as always
we like to spend time together
eating a lot, drinking a little and chilling and of course
some lovely presents too x

Tomorrow is the turn of November x

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Lyn said...

Happy New Year, I love the phone case...sure it will be a winner!