Saturday, 15 October 2011

more questions than answers

So carrying on from the last fayre post
A few more questions that i think need a whole post to themselves
a few more questions to ask
  1. are they doing lots of advertising!!
  2. can you advertise the fayre/event yourself too
this is a really really important one, you can have the best spot in the world but if no-one knows you are there then well i am sure you can work it out!
It is all important that the fayre organisers do their job
but you should also tell everyone and anyone!
Here is where Facebook and Twitter are fab
*Do just double check that the organisers don't have a problem with this*
Spread the word in the end if you spend a little time telling people where you are going then it will benefit you as well as the fayre!

You can email all your regular local-ish customers too!
If it is a school or something like that tell all the mums/dads you know!
Hey tell anyone... with in reason!

So there you go more pearls of wisdom from me xx

next blog .. do you really need to pack the kitchen sink or what to take with you!!

1 comment:

Gem said...

This is so true, I have been put off events before that are not advertised, it is pointless leaving things to chance. This is a really good one and I'm sure something people haven't thought of. Loving these question posts. Thanks for sharing them x x x x