Sunday, 16 October 2011

have you packed the kitchen sink dear

or what you really need to take with you
  1. pens at least two because one will run out!
  2. notebook
  3. price labels of some kind
  4. string.. just because!
  5. pricelists including trade ones just in case!
  6. bags of all shapes and sizes
  7. tissue paper
  8. calculator
now somethings for you
  1. water
  2. food
  3. tissues/baby wipes
  4. plasters
  5. headache tablets
  6. deoderant
  7. lipbalm
  8. mini hair product samples... i know may seem a bit extreme but i sometimes look like i have slept in a hedge by the time have set up my table!
  9. cardigan
  10. something to do.. i take some cutting out with me or things that need buttons sewing on, so i can put them down if it gets busy!
I try and keep all these things in a storage box so i just need to fill it up before each event!

I also take loads of business cards and info on my next event
mobile phone
sometimes my laptop
lots of change... your float
something safe to put the change in... i have a tie apron for large fayres but otherwise we us our pockets not a cash box or tub as these can be taken in a blink of an eye

So there we go
the next blog is Where the h*ll is the mug tree?

Going to add my Christmas scented mix recipe very soon too x


EmmaT said...

Mini hair products is a great idea. I got so hot & bothered rushing round setting up my first stall that I could have done with full on make up/hair kit before the fete opened!

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

scary! I am getting nervous about my first fair!

saraeden said...

Hi Emma, i also carry a tube of tinted moisuriser too just incase ;o)

Hi Annie, if you have any questions just shout xx

GemmaP said...

I also take something to sew as it is a good use of your time and really gets across that everything is made by me

Lisa said...

Really useful! I've just booked my first ever craft fairs for nov and dec! will be taking notes!