Friday, 14 October 2011

fair game

Last night was the start of my Christmas fayre and event season!
Now it wasn't a bad night but i have had better.
It did make me think that i can pass on some of the thoughts and tips i have floating around my head after a fair fayre!!

So here goes

Phone rings .. hello is the Kittyeden
me .. yes it is how can i help?
Mrs Fayre woman .. we are holding a super dooper fayre, would you like a table?

*Now this is where you need to think on your feet *
Ask lots of questions
  1. where and when ... ok obvious!
  2. A big important one ... is it inside (talking Winter here)
  3. Where are the activities? Tombola's etc?
  4. Are the selling tables in the main room/hall?
  5. What kind of other sellers are there?
These are what i think are the most important, for me anyway!
So now you have got all the info ask if you can check your diary and call them back.
This gives you a minute to stop think and decide is it right for you.

I have agreed to some fayres on the spur of the moment and then thought
oh cr*p why did i say yes!!

So now you have all this info in front of you!
You can workout the simple answers but may wonder why i ask some of the others
(question 4)

for me this is really important
Why you ask?
Well ...
  1. You NEED to be in the main room, think that people will sit with a mince pie and cup of something hot and chat... while chatting they are scanning the room for the good stuff (that would be you)
  2. People will not always go and search you out if you are in a side room!
  3. Schools want people to buy their things (chocs, crappy toys and the likes)
  4. They have got their cash from you for your table so they don't *always* care if you sell anything or not!!
* larger fayres and regular fayres are usually different...
they want you to do well so you will go back again, Look cheerful and spread the word about their fabness*

I once did one school fayre and the lady organising said i have a fab spot for you next to the choc tombola... it gets really busy! Fab i thought!

Now fab is not a way i would describe it!!
I was stuck in a corner with a queue of chocolate covered children pawing my goods while they waited for their next go to get yet another chocolate fix

What did i sell... nothing (to start with)
Well one mum had to spend £20 + paying for the ruined items her child had pawed while she watched her other child spend quids getting her choc fix!!

Once the choc hell was over i did make a fair few sales but not quite what i expected... lesson learned!

So that is part one
there will be a fair (sorry) few more yet so do keep popping back xx
(I keep editing it as well, as i think oooh i forgot that)

If you find this helpful please let me know x

Next blog ... more questions than answers!!


Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

That is a really useful list, I had not considered any of these things!

Anonymous said...

This is great! keep it coming :o) xx

saraeden said...

Thank you, i have lots more to share and if anyone would like to offer me a book deal ;o)

Party Sprite said...

I had a similar experience next to the tombola, massive queue standing right in front of my stand and not one sale despite parents and kids looking as they waited.

Had never thought about asking questions before agreeing to attend - will make sure I am more cautious for new events in future!

Gem said...

This is a fab list, such a great idea. Thanks for sharing x x x x

Dottie Designs said...

Really good post! I've been next to A Cupcake lady at a Wedding Fayre and it was a nightmare!!

sew obsessed said...

Great post. I would recommend asking what table you are paying for and where.
I had one fair I turned up to where my table was a very low round table I think my face said it all, at the end of the day I had paid a good amount for the 'table' and had expected a larger rectangle one. They did eventually find a table for me but it wasn't the best of starts and I've also turned up to a summer fair where they told me the fair was in a hall only for them to have changed there minds and hold it outside. It was already raining when I got there and I had to explain that I couldn't have a table in the rain as my items are fabric and they moved me under cover, but you do have to be careful how well planned these events are. I also don't think school fairs are very good most people go only wanting to spend 50p on the tombola!
Looking forward to reading your next post x

Marmalady said...

other points to consider:

have the organisers run this fair before? In the case of school fairs, the committee of parents can change drastically from year to year - and with it the organisational abilities!
Brand new fairs in untested venues by inexperienced organisers can be a nightmare from start to finish!

how much advertising will there be? Is it just to a captive audience (pupils at the school) or outside advertising too

How easy is access to the hall? How far will you have to carry your boxes of stock while unloading?

What parking is available -- for both traders & customers?

Is there an entrance charge for the fair or is it free to enter? Any money the customers have to pay at the door is money out of their budget for the day - so less money to be spent at your stall!