Monday, 17 October 2011

dont sell yourself short

now just for a change i am going to blog a few things i have picked up along the way about selling to shops!
I have seen both sides... having had my own florists and now selling to shops myself!

I think this has given me a good standing when approaching shops as i remember what i thought as a buyer!

here are few tips
  1. Be selective
  2. Dont jump straight in
  3. Research the shop by visiting it as a shopper
  4. NEVER ever visit on a Friday or Saturday unless you have pre-arranged this ... busy days mean the owner will be rushing to get you out!
  5. If you wear your craft sometimes a shop owner will comment on it and you can ask if they would like you to pop back with some samples!
  6. Dont be pushy
  7. Dont rush into anything
So yes they may seem obvious!

Right now you have an idea of what the shop sells , sit down and put together info and also questions you have?
So here we go ... these are some of the things i think or do before approaching a new place
  1. Price lists... more about this one later
  2. small selection of samples
  3. your terms for selling... more about this one later too
  4. Your turnaround time
  5. If you will do sale or return
  6. Your RRP
  7. Ask how they will be selling, are they going to go to fairs or selling online too etc!
  8. Do they mind if you link or promote the fact they are stocking your things
  9. What mark up are they going to add?

Right pricelists

Now i am not going to tell you what to charge there are lots of magical theories on this all over the interweb!
All i am going to say is DONT sell yourself short just to get into a shop!!!!
You need to work this one out well before you go into the shop

Also never ask your family or friends what they think something is worth you will either get 2p or £200!!
Think about your time and expenses in getting orders to the shop too...
i combine some of my shop deliveries with days out ;o)

I think i shall have to do a part 2 with this one ... Wednesday maybe??


Mimi and Tilly said...

This is really helpful. I struggle with the pricing aspect of things... Great post, and i'm looking forwrd to the next one. Em x

microbio said...

Very good post indeed, just shared with twitter world :)
Looking forward to read next one...

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Brilliant, I am with Em and will defo be back for the next part too!

Lorraine Young Pottery said...

:) Great blog I will be reading more.

xx Lorraine xx