Sunday, 1 August 2010

blogging in a different light

I sometimes struggle with my blog ...
don't get me wrong i love blogging and it may seem sad but i think i have grown as a person ever since my blog began !
I would love to blog everyday but then how many of you really want to read the daily comings and goings in the E / W household ..
life is not so exciting here believe me !

Some days just gettting all my jobs done before it is time for bed is a major acheivement !
I suppose what i am saying is my blog will never be a shiny happy place as seen in some parts of blogland ... as too if these are people blogging with the old rose tinted glasses i will never know ;o}
So after yesterdays misery post of the 7 wet days of the holidays it looks like this post isn't going to be much cheerier but wait let me tell you about our day so far ...
due to a cat related early wake up followed by a can't be a#£*d getting up yet we all rolled out of bed rather late (9.15) a quick breakfast , animals fed and watered and a catch up with the neighbours as norm on a Sunday morning .

We grabbed coats walking shoes and a couple of bags and headed off in the much loved truck .
First stop was for papers and water then a quick journey onto the wonderful Hope car boot .
We found some treasure ... a couple of 1970's childrens games to add to my collection
i love the primary colours and simple graphics !

I of course managed to find some pretty fabric for my collection and some pretty tops for the eldest and me ..
i would share photo's but the fabric and clothes are in the wash !
We then went on for a lovely walk you can see from the intermingled photo's we all had a fab time !

So its not all been doom and gloom !
So no promises on the next post it maybe sooner or it maybe later
oh and the photo's will match the post too ... maybe ;o}


Mermaid said...

So glad that the weather held & you managed to escape for a few hours. The walk looks fantastic, love the waterfall.

We're hoping the weather holds to get out & about, nothing worse than wet school holidays!

Take care

Mummy Boo Bear said...

I think a lot of bloggers can relate to your post. I have taken a little backseat to mine for a few months now. Just needing and wanting to enjoy time with my youngest before she starts school in September. I have even on occaision thought about stop blogging completly. But I know deep down I would miss it. For me its an extention of creativity. It doesnt always go the way I want to but I do enjoy it. I just find that it can be time consuming.

So glad that you all had a great day today. They are most definately the ones to treasure.

Take care


Pink Feather Paradise said...

I know just what you mean... I look at the rosie blogs and feel sometimes quite inadequate as a mum and housekeeper... but we are who we are and we should just be happy being ourselves and stuff everyone else...

looks like a fabulous day and congrats at the car boot...!

x Alex

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Your blog is fab, I can really relate to it. Who is happy all the time? Really?! Those blogs make me feel bad for not doing cheer filled posts each week.

jacey said...

Having three children myself aged 10, 8 and 1 I too am struggling for things to do with this wet and cloudy summer holiday, we have tried picnics by the lakes, but not much fun sat on wet grass with a rain coat on, we had a visit to hobbycraft to stock up on craft goodies for the kids, ended up with glue on the carpet and sequins in the babys mouth, and to top it all off I decided to start my very first blog!! I must be potty! I would also like to mention how beautiful your blog is and very inspiring. jacey x

Lindsay said...

I can relate to your post here. I too would love to have the perfect flowery blog that would represent the world of craft and sewing I wish to live in, but like yourself, am too busy looking after the kids and going to work I don't ever seem to have the time to do what I really love, and share it with the world in a lovely way.

I love your post because it is real, and it is you.

Tillybud said...

Just found your blog and I really love it. Every time it rains I have a chocolate. It's the rule.