Friday, 6 August 2010


just for Kitty

As many crafts people designer makers what ever you like to call us
will now making things for ones self or ones family is usually at the bottom
of in my case a very long list !
Now many people often foolishly think my home is full of cute pink lovely things
ha ha ha how wrong they are ... infact my home is an unfinished slightly more shabby than chic place !
Not one room is finished yet as we have 4-5-6 children sometimes and as anyone knows children and tidy polished chic look are just not words you would put together !

We are busy working on finishing two of the rooms at the moment but it's a slow job and things like the roller breaking or the paint being wrong turn into a nightmare when you don't live near a big town or city ... now the joys of the countryside is a whole long post in itself ;o}

So i made the K person a cushion and she loves it and she wants another one and if i am truthful i want one too ...


Nic said...

LMAO! How true is that, my kids are always be-moaning the fact that they never get anything that Mummy makes. We went to the fabric shop on Monday and L chose some fabric for a bag so maybe I will make her one this weekend.....

Mermaid said...

I know exactly how you feel. Also with 5 children our house is semi finished and I long for a few hours of just creating things for our home!

The cushion is gorgeous, my youngest is also called Kitty, so would love it.

Hope you have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...