Tuesday, 1 December 2009

terrible blogger !

Now sometime ago i had a giveaway and true to form everything here went a bit Pete Tong as normal ! So to those lovely ladies who's names i picked please please forgive me !

I have tracked down the missing box full of giveaway stuff and as its now Christmas ( its December you know ) i shall add a few more treats and get your packages in the post before Christmas x

Big huge grovelly wishes of sorryness , the worlds worst blogger x x


Pomona said...

Sometimes other things in life just take over, don't they? I hope you can catch up with yourself enough to have a nice peaceful Christmas.

Pomona x

Melanie said...

Lifes like that:)

Simply H said...

You sounds like you have been crazy busy! Hope the school fairs went well x Ps new kitchen is looking lovely!