Monday, 30 November 2009

Christmas fair update

So as you may have guessed it's Christmas fair time again ! I have been asked to lots but as most are all crammed into a few weekends its not easy to be in more than one place at a time !!

This week has to be the busiest with ....

a morning playgroup on Thursday at Disley school

Friday i am at Chinley school on Friday afternoon ( I love Chinley , i was born there and many of my school friends still live there too !! ) and then i travel onto Buxworth school for Friday evening !

I wasn't going to do this fair for various reasons but the lovely lady who organises it said i must as i am one of the stallholders that everyone asks about , i have lots of lovely regular shoppers there that i cannot let down !
If you are going to this fair i must add i WILL NOT be taking my tote bags but lots of other lovely gifty things instead !!!!!!!

Saturday brings our school fair at Whaley Bridge primary school , so yep a busy few days !

I did take photo's from the last fair but they are on my phone and i have lost the ability to make it send them to my PC ..... think i need some teenage bright spark to help me .

Sara x

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Lyn said...

My friend Kirsty use to live in Chinley!