Tuesday, 18 August 2009


Well last night was spent trying to work out how much the car will cost and i think it will be a big bill as the engine is knackered ( sorry no polite way to put it ;) )

I have decided to have a big sale in my folksy shop and will be finally getting my bum in gear and listing all that fabric i no longer want so hopefully it will help towards the mahooooosive garage bill !

I really must remember to start that emergency emergency fund , maybe i should go do it now for the next crisis in the EW household ;)
On the plus side i had wanted to clearout my folksy shop and add all those new things i have been making !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you all for your support and sorry to be such a misery , i do have that good news to share with you soon but right now i just don't want to jinx it !!!!!!

Sorry didn't get to finish this post before , i had to go to work and managed to get chlorine splattered on my new jeans !!!!

Sara x


Rose Charles said...

Hi Sara,

Sorry your having a bit of a rubbish time :-(

Although it always helps to have a good clearout! I did one myself recently and got £70 on ebay!

Rose XXX

Pink Feather Paradise said...

De cluttering is good for the soul and the mind, must be why I am so mentally screwed up! lol ;D my house is a complete mess!

fingers crossed that the car bill is lighter than you think...

x Alex

Michela said...

Hi Sarah!
Hope things turn better soon for you!
I'm going to have a loot at your Folksy shop.. ;-)

Josie said...

we had a car bill recently - £589 and it was only the clutch which had gone!
hope you get lots of sales in your folksy shop.
Josie x

BusyLizzie said...

Sorry to hear about your car troubles, they are the modern curse aren't they! I would recommend a good clear-out, it always feels good. I am doing a flea market at the end of the month, so going through each cupboard to thin out the chaos!
Good luck, take care, lizzie x

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Just to let you know I am having a giveaway, pop over and leave a comment and I will pop your name in the hat!