Monday, 17 August 2009

catastrophic failure

Our lovely car has died ... not sure what to say but why the bleep does it always happen to us !
I cannot believe it has decided today of all days to bliddy well die !! i know other people are having more serious problems but this is a huge big thing to us !!

Sorry to be a miserable moo but i think i need to go and sew something very small and very complicated so i can loose myself for a little while ..... x

car update ** my wonderful brother in law to be has got the car now and he thinks its quite a big job he even did the sucky in breath thing like all mechanics ;)
I am hoping it can be fixed as i do love our car !


Lauren Denney said...

oh no. our car just died too. we've been biking for the last month and went to buy a new one on the weekend. Can't really afford it but got interest free credit. I'm not impressed with car salesmen, we went to collect it this evening at the arranged time and they were closed! Good luck from now on, hope things get better for you. x

Josie said...

oh no , I hope you can get it fixed.
Josie x

Rebel Mother said...

I know how you feel - its like losing a limb (well almost). You become so reliant and detatched to it.

Hope it gets sorted soon


Jenn said...

I am so sorry!! Been there...heck we are looking at a nasty repair bill right now and I really don't want to think about it at the moment so I'm going to go look at some more pretty things online :)

Rose Charles said...

Hi Sara,

I hope your car get fixed soon!

Rose XXX

Pomona said...

You poor thing - cars are such an expensive nightmare - I hope you can sort yours out without too much trauma.

Pomona x