Saturday, 22 August 2009

pay it

forward !!!

Yep finally i am re-doing my PIF as last time i decided to do it everybody seemed to be not blogging or had already just piffed !!

so you all know what to do but just in case you don't i shall send a handmade gift to the first three people to leave a comment on this post these people then must blog about the PIF and then send 3 handmade gifts to the first three who comment on their blog ..... clear as custard no !

So please join in with the pif !!

Oooooh i have started to dabble in the world of twitter for some insane reason like i have time to have something else to get addicted too !! I haven't quite got what its all about yet and must say i feel a bit of a prat but heyho !!

Right i have a roast dinner cooking !!!
oh and the photo's are just because i like them and are nothing to do with the post ;)


Sophie - Chez Sophie said...

Ohh I have not joined in a Pif before so here goes!!
Sophie xxxxx

Michela said...

Hi Sarah! Just to wish you a fantastic Sunday, as I'm giving too a pay it forward and have not found yet my 3rd partner!

Gemma said...

Thank you for your comment about my cakes, i've been reading about your car, hope you sort it soon i'd be lost without mine.


Gemma said...

forgot to say i've never joined in on a pif before but i've always wanted to. x

HookandScumble said...

Pipped to the post :( disappointed I would've loved one of your lovely textile pieces.

arkonite_babe said...

PIF??? WTF??? then the penny dropped, pay it forward.......... doh!!!

I'm out of luck, but goodluck to everyone else :0)

Mollimoo said...

Hi Sara, I have a blog award for you over on mine if you are interested! Don't feel you have to though x

Rose Charles said...

Hi Sarah,

I am already involved in a pay it forward or I would have loved to join in!

Whoever joins in yours will be very lucky as you make fab items :-)

I am also on twitter, what is your "twitter ID"? I'l come and find you!

I must admit I go through days where I constantly post random rubbish about what I'm doing, and then I forget about it and don't do anything for weeks!

Have a great weekend :-)

Rose XXX

Sweet Chic said...

Absolutly adorable!!!

Great work

A chic wish