Sunday, 23 August 2009

intermittent service

yes its just a few minutes before my home is turned upside down by the peeps coming to replace my central heating ... oh joy !!
I have packed away as much of my fabric as humanly possible moved as much furniture as i can and tried my best t get all my orders done !!

I am now thinking about the fact that i may be able to sit and do the motherload of cutting out feltyness as i think i am more likely to be able to platt fog that get to my sewing machine


Josie-Mary said...

What a nightmare, glad we had ours done before we moved in & the house was a shell. Hate having your house turned upside down :( Good luck!

mollycupcakes said...

Hi HOney,
I hope it all goes well and your not upside down for to long.
Just think of how warm and toasty your all be this winter.
Loving the fabric in the middle of the flower brooch on the other post, do you have any of that left? if yes could you make me a little something in it? maybe a mobile phone cover or purse???
Thanks sweetie x
Catherine x

Gemma said...

Hope it goes ok and gets done without to much mess. x

Rose Charles said...

Hi Sara,

Hope it all gets finished soon!

Rose XXX

saraeden said...

My home looks like a bomb site and the poor cat is a nervous wreck already ... need chocolate !!!!

Bluebell said...

Hope it isn't too chaotic and things settle down soon! Just think, it'll all be worth it c