Thursday, 20 August 2009

look i have made something !!!

yes finally you say a post that isn't a miserable one

its just a quick one to show you what i have been making for those " C " fairs

You see i have been busy and not just wallowing in my car misery !!
Update on the poor car is that it is fixable and hopefully it won't be AS expensive as first thought
me a drama queen no never , its just out car is a Japanese import so repairs and parts can be a bit on the steep side !!
It also didn't look good when it wouldn't go over 5 mph and black thick smoke was making us look like something out of a James Bond film ;)
Anyway my wonderful brother-in-law-to-be is working wonders as usual :)

Oh and i have added some more things to my folksy shop too :)

Tomorrow will be PIF day !!!


Kelly said...

love the green flower, that is such a great colour!

Anonymous said...

lovely flowers Sara :-)

I envy your sewing machine skills!
I have been eyeing up the projects in the various Tilda Sew books and I don't think I' even be able to tackle some of them!

Rose XXX

Bluebell said...


Pink Feather Paradise said...

Oh I have an almost dead Mitsubishi RVR on the drive.... it needs a new nearside wheel bearing and after I put new sparks plugs and leads in it which cost me £200 I am not even going to try and put it back on the road... it will be heading for Ebay as spares or repair.... no reseve...

I am loving you new brooches... the green one ids very fresh and yummy...

Did you know that C******** is apparently only 19 weeks away! ;D

take care

Cal said...

The green flower is lovely. x