Saturday, 15 August 2009


at last i hear you say ... yes i know i said i would be back yesterday but things just kind of got in the way and before i new it it was bed time !!!

So drum roll please .......... here are the winners yes i said winners
I couldn't choose just 1 so i picked 4

i picked out the lovely simply H first so the mushroom brooch will be on its way with some G&B's
The other 3 lovely peeps will be getting a little something if all of you could email me your details that would be great , i will contact you all by blog anyway this is just in case you read here before i get to you all ... see clear as mud yes !!!

So there you go thank you all for all your comments and i do hope you keep popping back !
I do fear that my blog is turning a wee bit boring at the moment but i can tell you it will be a bit more exciting soon ... well i am excited anyway ;)
We do have some days out planned so i shall be reporting back from my travels !

Have a good weekend everyone x
me i am off to do another pamper evening so hopefully will have lots of sales to tell you about ... fingers crossed !


Michela said...

Hi Sarah! Have a great weekend!
And congratulations to the winners!

Simply H said...

Hurrahhhhh!!!! Thanks so much Sarah - the first giveaway I have ever won!!!! I am very, very excited! I can't believe the little mushroom brooch will be all mine and G&B chocolate too yum! I will email you my address! Thanks again x

Anonymous said...

Lucky peoples! Have a lovely weekend Xx

Gemma said...

Hi sara, thank you for your comment on my blog. Matlock farmers market went well for us. Think is was the busiest one we have done there, although we have only been going there since May. Hope you decide to give it a go, would be nice to put a face to the blog.


Pomona said...

Thank you Sara! Have emailed you, and congrats to all the others.

Pomona x

beck said...

Hi Sarah, I am very excited to have one a prize in your giveaway!!! Lucky me, and thank you so much xo

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