Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Well i never

When packing for a trip abroad one should always consult the airlines do's and dont's
here are just a few that we found today while packing for DP's trekking trip

Did you know you cannot take a lawnmower or chainsaw in your hand luggage on a plane ??

Can i check in a parachute ... yes you can !!

There are many more , some would surprise you !!!


smilernpb said...

That is very amusing.

Too bad about the chainsaw..


fenandned said...

That's my holiday ruined, if my lawnmower can't go then neither am I!:D

Hilda May said...

Hi Sarah

Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog,it means a lot......have a super holiday x


Lavender hearts said...

That's right! I have put a parachute in my hand luggage - I used to skydive in Spain all the time! :-)