Wednesday, 1 July 2009

warning warning

Sorry i have to post this it may offend a few people !!!

Weather Warning its going to be hot !!!!!!!

OMG what is wrong with people in the UK its bliddy summer the sun is supposed to shine its supposed to be HOT , when it starts raining and the temp drops next week we will all be moaning then !!!

So if you can kick back and make the most of it , cos lets face it it really wont last .
Wear some lighter clothes , take your coat off ..... yes can you believe people out in the sun wearing a coat what is that about i mean honestly ??
The last two summers have been wet and miserable and believe me i would rather have this nice weather than bliddy rain !!

So now i have had my little rant which i have edited so as not to offend EVERYONE who likes it well who knows how they like it ... oh no im off again !!

So why not enjoy your day crack out that summer dress kick off those shoes get some sandals on enjoy the sun cos it wont last !!

I am off to cut out more bunting wooo !! hopefully pictures later that aren't from my trip to Cornwall !!


Mandy said...

You made me Laugh out Loud with this one it is so so true....
I just go and take my coat off wondered why I was so bloody hot! Cant wait to see your photos and the bunting xxx

Gingerbread said...

How right you are and we all say this don't we every time we get a hot spell. Those bunting sound fun. Julie.C

Josie-Mary said...

hahaha..... I hate it when people complain!! As you say the last 2 years have been rubbish so we should make the most of it, my work uniform is all black with closed in shoes so I must admit it is a little hot at work :(

pink-petal-designs said...

lol, hi Sarah... I love the hot weather!! Nice to catch up with you, we was in St.Ives last week of May and we loved it, it was our first visit there and i can't believe just how lovely it is down there, the sea is so blue n clean! xx

Lalabi-baby said...

Oh you are so right .... we are becoming a nation of wimps and are never prepared for anything whatever the season. I blame this nanny state we are living in now for the vast number of people who can't think for themselves anymore or have any common sense. My greatest bugbear is seeing little ones in buggies with no sunshades whatsoever and idiots who leave animals in cars.

It's hot, so what, enjoy it while it lasts. X

BusyLizzie said...

I am with you all the way, well done for ranting!
Lizzie x

Mummy Boo Bear said...

LOL that did make me laugh! I am like that when everyone is scandalized about cold weather... in..... my..... god.... WINTER!

Although I like spring dont mind a pleasant summer's day I am more of a autumn winter girl myself. so I am afraid I am one of the moaners when it comes to heat like this!!!

Although I did remeber to take my coat off......

just! lol.