Thursday, 2 July 2009

happy days

Well hello there everyone , i hope you are all ok ?

Tonight i can finally share with you the good news that we have decided where our wedding will be now big drum roll ............ tada its the headland hotel

Ok ok i suppose its not to much of a surprise but after we saw a wedding party on Crantock beach we just both said Fistral was the place for us !!!

It is a wonderful place but most of all it over looks the beach we both love !!!!

If you go on google images there are some great shots of the hotel !!!!

So now all we have to do is save lots of pennies and start with all the planning yay !!!!

I think i can see myself sewing lots of bunting to pay for this ;0)

Ooooh talking of bunting its all going very well and i am very impressed so far with the mahoosive bunting which is just for my website talking of which the website is open again and i am slowly getting it filled up with lovely new things !!

Must dash now as my darling DP has just left for a weeks treking in Morocco
I hope he has an amazing time and i am very jealous of the fact they spend 3 days in the same clothes ........ NOT !!

x x x x x


fenandned said...

That's lovely news Sara, what a beautiful place. I can offer 'something borrowed' from my shop if there is anything you like at the time that is! Maybe all your followers could do some bunting each!X

sesga loves 1950s said...

OOOOOOOOOOOOO Soooooooooooooooooo Exiting the place looks Amazing and in Cornwall to you lucky lady!
Love from sesga xx

saraeden said...

Thank you soo much we hope to get married when DP graduates from uni so i have awhile to get everything sorted !!!!!

Lindsey Smith said...

Yay! Fantastic choice. You could always have a Roald Dahl 'Witches' theme lol Seriously it's going to be amazing.

Hmm... Maybe I should think about us renewing our vows. It's 20 years next year...

Jackie said...

You should go too! See my Marrakech box.

Yvonne said...

lucky, lucky you... what an amazing place for a wedding...
I LOVE Cornwall and especially the north cornish coast.. its so beautiful. Good luck with the bunting and planning and make sure you have a treat too htis week! XX

Silky Prudence said...

Ahh Fistral - so many happy memories :)

Such a gorgeous place to get married, you lucky lady!