Tuesday, 30 June 2009

beware of the giant bunting

( thrifted buttons from a trip to the boot sale just before we went away )

Yes i know its my least fave but in a odd way nicest thing to make ... makes sense no !!!

I am re doing my bunting making a tad easier to make but also making it in 4 sizes there's teeny , small , normal and mahooosive !!!

Sennen looking over to Lands End

No photo's of the new stuff yet as it raining , yes flipping raining i said no bliddy sun anywhere to be seen ..... what i want to know is where's my heatwave eh ??

seals just off Newquay

So the photo's are of my holiday last week !! click on some of the photo's for more info

Little Fistral beach


Rose Charles said...

Hi Sara,

Love the photos of your hol :-)

Can't wait to see your pics of what you've been making!

Rose XXX

mummybear said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Lovely photographs. I love Cornwall and am very lucky that Daddybear is from Cornwall do Grannybear and Grumpsbear still live there! :)

Rubyred said...

Just wondering if these photos were taken at the Lizard? A woderful place!
Rachel x

Lindsey Smith said...

Yay! My vicarious (is that the right word??) holiday to Cornwall is here again. Just poppping over to Flickr to see "my" photos :O) looks like the weather was fab.