Wednesday, 8 July 2009

busy doing nothin !!

I wish !!

Since my darling hubs to be has taken himself off too Morocco to do a little trekking ...... google Toubkal too see where he has been !!
I have scrubbed and painted my bathroom
Cleaned my whole kitchen now it just needs re painting
Cut out lots of bunting .... just waiting to be sewn up for next weeks shopping evening and summer fete
Made a super pirate flag for the twins school production

Weeded the flower bed and sorted out the sweet pea's
Got stuck out in the thunder and lightning which i have to say was scarily close and bl**dy loud
Worked on new brooch designs for the above fair /evening

I will have to add photo's after as i am using the shiny laptop and the photo's are on my puter !

Tonight i had planned to make some teacup brooches like the one above but my hayfever has kicked in bigtime so i am sat drinking tea and feeling generally crappy .
Ooooh i nearly forgot that i have been stalking some pretty dresses on ebay as i have a birthday party to go to soon .

must dash back to dress watch , back soon
update on dress watch .... no.1 won and paid for now back to the other 3 !!

Dress no.2 won 2 more to go now i just need some sun not the cold wet weather we have had aaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllll week please please bring the heatwave back !!!!

x x x


Lalabi-baby said...

Why is it that we can get so much more done when they are out of the way????

Pink Feather Paradise said...

I must admit I thought that Mr P didn't add much to the parenting that goes on around here... but when he was away for 5 weeks I just couldn't cope with everything on my own... just goes to prove he must do something around here.... can't put my finger on what it is though! ;D

take it steady though... your making me feel tired! lol

x Alex

Rose Charles said...

wow, you have been busy!

good luck with the dresses, and I hope your hayfever settles soon :-)

Rose XXX

Jude said...

Dear of you..
it's no help at all but I've trekked that area.. it's stunning! I was single and didn't leave destruction behind me!!
Take care