Sunday, 28 June 2009

summer holiday

so yes you may have guessed from my lack of blogging that we have been away on our annual trip to Cornwall .

Sennen checking out the climbing .... looks very good now all i need is my new climbing stuff !!

I had planned to blog while i was away but we had no wifi connection booohooo , i do have to say after the initial shock it was really good to be free from my puter !!!

Crantock beach at sunset ..... nuff said

I did take lots of photo's which i am going to load onto flickr later but for know i will share a few with you and this week i will share more about what we did and where we went .

We did have a wonderful time and i did miss my blog and seeing what you have all been up to , i did try to keep up on my phone but boy was it hard work !!!!

So right now i am off to do a small mountain of washing , it always amazes me how we have so much washing when we have lived in boardies and wetsuits all week !!!

Ooooh forgot to say we have made a final decision on wedding venue after seeing a wedding party on the beach more on that very soon !!!

Sara x


Mollimoo said...

Aah, I could read about 'home' all day! Glad you had a lovely holiday. Welcome back x

Vanessa said...

Ey up missis,

Hope you have had a good jolly, hopefully will catch up tomorrow!

Vanessa x

noelle said...

ooh sara is that Sennen you went to? lovely. glad you had a nice time :)

THIS'N'THAT said...

Hi, I can see that you'd miss blogging but I guess that the complete break from everything has done you a power of good ... even if some of that new energy does get used up on your 'mountain of washing'! :)
Lesley X

Anonymous said...

Hi Sara,

Glad you had a nice time away :-)

Looking forward to what else you have to show us from your travels!

Rose XXX

Rebel Mother said...

Cornwall is fabulous! Pleased you had a great time RMx

Bluebell said...

Lovely photo of the sunset, hope you're feeling relaxed and ready to face the world x