Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Sunny day

Today has been gorgeous here in sunny Derbyshire

I have got lots done ... yes i was up at 6.54 this morning
by 7.15 i was making flapjack and then tuna pasta for the kidlets lunch
with everyone off to school / climbing i headed off to do some sewing ,
i haven't had chance to take photo's of what i did sew but this drawstring bag is from Mondays sewing . It came out so nicely that i just had to show you !!

By 10am i decided to take a break from the machine and go outside
for a minute , this turned into a good hours worth of digging and clearing
and planting out the last few pansies left over from filling the window box

See here i cleared all this myself and it is going to be covered in slate chips so i have a nice dry area to put my tomato gro bags on
just behind the blue tub is my salad bed
already dug and waiting lettuce and spring onions
to see us through the summer and funnily enough these are the only times my boys eat salad
when it is fresh from the garden

here is some of my fave plants starting to emerge
its a brilliant blue Delphinium and behind is lemon balm !!

now don't get me wrong it hasn't all be so calm and nice
i have had to rush around as well with meetings and plays at school
plus DD's sport and himself wondering in all climbed out 15mins before we were due to go out
but that's what life is like here ..... hectic !!

Hope everyone had a good day

i am just about to wonder off again to get a bit more sewing done now the little peeps are in bed
hopefully i will get chance to catch up again tomorrow x x

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Mummy Boo Bear said...

I am loving the drawstring bag! really pretty.

Crikey you are so organized to not only be out of be before seven but making flapjacks and pasta salads as well! I think its a good morning if I get a chance to a have a brew before taking La la of to school!!! lol.

You certainly are working hard in your garden, sound lovely have your own salad bed.Mind my two a right fussy when to comes to anything green and leafy!

beck said...

I love popping into other people's worlds, yours looks fun! Have a great day x

angel said...

Oooh i love the DS Bag, its sooooo pretty.
Hasn't the weather been lovely, i think we deserve it, dont you.:-)
You are a busy ickle bee.

Love and hugs X x X x X

Hollypop's said...

Wow what a productive day you had.
Love the little bag that is soo pretty.
Take care.

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

love the little bag the fabric is gorgeous,:-)
very impressed at flapjack and pasta making so early!
lesley x

Maternal Tales said...

You are far too organised and efficient! And to think you manage all this with children as well. You put me to shame!