Thursday, 2 April 2009

Hello ( beware post contains words not bleeped out )

and it was all going so well yesterday !!
I woke this morning feeling terribly sick ... no i am not pregnant what i do get is something similar to morning sickness on the first couple of mornings at that happy time of the month !
So after the school dash literally , i get on well with our crossing lady and i thought me throwing up on her may spoil that ;0)
I had to sew this morning which i have to say was blooming hard work as i felt like crap .
I have a couple of orders with really close deadlines so i just have to knuckle down and get on with it !
I didn't take any photo's today ... managing to post was the most i could do !!
The weather was nice again , the warmth of the sun really does make a difference even if i wished i could just crawl into bed and hide for the day !!
Tomorrow is the last day of term here and i have to say i am worn out , with all that goes on here i am glad for a few days off but that won't happen for me until about mid way through next week ... i am taking Easter off to spend with the kidlets plus next term is a massively busy one for all of us ... oh joy x x


Anonymous said...

Poor You !!
I have a craft fair next week and I still have loads to do I hate deadlines ,especially now that the kids are off next week .So Im in full sympathy with you .
I often visit your blog but don't leave a comment ,but today I felt I had to .
Hope you are better today .
From sesga xxx

Josie said...

hope you feel better soon.
Josie x

Pink Feather Paradise said...

I completely feel for you, I have had a headache for hte last 4 days, I go to bed with it and wake up with it! I fully understand about looking forward to a break with the Easter holidays coming up

Hope you feel better soon!

hugs Alex

Pixiedust said...

Hope you feel better soon sweetie. xxx

Hollypop's said...

You poor thing. I hope you are able to rest and then feel better very soon.
Take care.

louise35flower said...

Poor you, I do hope you feel better soon.
At least the holidays mean you don't have to leap out of bed quite so early, I for one am looking forward to a few lie-ins!
Have a good Easter
louise x

nimblejacks said...

felt the same as you in the middle of the night complete with achey knees why?? who knows. So I blundered down to make a hottie and stubbed my toe on the kitchen bench bleep bleep bleep!!! With the joys of a skating party( very amusing) my poor 2 had legs going in every direction, house smelling of fresh fish from hubbies catch and everyone asking what's for tea,I am online don't disturb!! I feel a hottie and a glass of wine week is sewing all the way,bracelets, beach walks and bakingxxc