Monday, 30 March 2009

Today is fabric day

( not the best pop flowers photo )

yes as part of my clearout today i am going to list some of my fabric
I have some very handy sized pieces of Cath K's fabric
I just have way tooo much and ebay is the best way for me
other sites are ok but they don't get the footfall ebay does
so for now i will stick with ebay
plus have always done ok before in fact a lot of my regular customers found me through ebay

Bargains galore at Sara's ebay store

sorry a bit corny i know

I shall be updating the belles blog today with a piece about ebay i would like to get a bit more info on the blog too !!

if anymore Northern belles would like to join us give me a shout !!

Sara x


louise35flower said...

I sell on ebay too and especially for clearing my fabric stash, it's great. Someone commented on your last post that ebay buyers might not appreciate handmade, I have to say they do and I too have found a lot of my regular customers through ebay. Just watch the fees though they have gone up a lot in the last few months!
Louise x

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, you have 100 followers! (thats only 93 more than me though so I'm cathching you up...) kate x

saraeden said...

Cheers Louise
i had an ebay shop for over a year and only closed it because of the new fee's . It is a great way to get your things out there !!

Sara x

Josie said...
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