Saturday, 25 April 2009


Hi everyone i am having a few problems getting into my website emails as the bliddy kidlets have broke my puter and i am having to use DP's sparkly laptop oh the misery !! No actually its a problem as all my settings are on it and i am having a few problems getting Mr site to work on the laptop !!

So if you need to contact me about anything on the website please use my bloggy email addy !!
This also means i cannot get the things done i had wanted to on my website .... so much for a bit of a rest eh !!!!!

Have a great weekend peeps i am going to try and chillout for a couple of days x


PeggyCrafts said...

hope you're having a nice weekend :) and computer troubles aren't troubling you too much x

saraeden said...

Cheers hun , finally managed to get most of my settings on to the laptop which is lovely and fast and sooooo very nice to use ! I can see it being my next purchase may even treat myself when i have cleared out my fabric ... yes there is that much to sell ;0)

Feeling nice and chilled and enjoying catching up with everyone ones blogs

Sara x

LittleGem said...

Hi Sara, hope you managed to get everything sorted :) I always love looking at your flower brooches - you mix the loveliest fabrics and buttons x

gina said...

I would be having sleepless nights if I was not able to access my work. I feel for you and hope all is sorted as I write this. Had technology issues myself, My computer (using brother inlaws as I type) and camera, they say bad luck comes in threes, fingers crossed I can break the trend.

Love you work by the way, beautiful fabrics and stitching detail