Wednesday, 29 April 2009

I found one

Now you would think that this little beauty has been in my sewing room forever but no its new to me ! Its a boot sale find and cost me a massive £4.50 .... yes i know how good is that !!
I have been looking for one for ages and it replaces a dirt great wardrobe that made the room so dark but now i have light and space oh and i can find my bits and bobs without having to drag loads of boxes of the top of the wardrobe !! So yes i am soooo glad boot sales are back ... yay !!

I am slowly catching up with all those jobs i had left and to do later like you do ! I have got lots of clearing out done and started with the proper spring cleaning but omg there is so much to do !

The weather is holding back the photo taking of the new kiddies tops and baby dresses but i am slowly getting a nice selection together ! I have some lovely new fabrics for cute dresses and i am now trying to draft a frilly pant pattern !

There is not much news on the website update as again i need to re-do the photo's and load up all the new products but it is slow work as the laptop and Mr site dont want to play together but i will get it done very soon so that i can share my news with you !!

Anyway thats me for now and i hope to be back to my regular blogging as ido miss it !!
It has been hard work this week with himself away and me not feeling to good with the usual monthly joy too why oh why does it all happen at the same time !!

Sara x


Mummy Boo Bear said...


Love your new shelving and what a bargin at £4.50. I have a chest of drawers that matches that, given to us by my in-laws! its so handy.

Yes I am afraid us girls do have it tough when it come to things like that. I find I get very tired when its my time of the month so I am not only snappy but like the walking dead! oh what

Chin up and I hope your week gets better. Cant wait to see your new dresses and tops.


Fabric and Bags said...

Looks lovely and I so empathise with you on a large wardrobe - I not only have to stand on a chair to drag things off the top but everytime I want something - you bet your life its going to be in the box at the bottom!!!

Anne x

louise35flower said...

OMG what an amazing find! You lucky girl!
Louise x

beck said...

It's always lovely to find a bargain! especially a lovely one like your shelves. Hope you are feeling better..x