Saturday, 4 April 2009

Holidays are here !!

sorry not much to say this morning busy trying to sort out surf stuff for the eldest girlie
and trying to find pool lifeguard course for me !!

Things are still on the bay
so please go check them out and i shall be listing more this weekend and over the holidays !!
happy days x x

Sorry have to clarify i am not off to my home to be
it was just the only wetsuit photo i could find !!


Jude said...

Not going to Cornwall?
What's the surf gear for?
Have a great time anyhow.

saraeden said...

I am booking lessons at a surf school for her and looking for a new wetsuit for her too !!

Lynsey said...

Hope you're feeling better now..? I'm hoping to go to Cornwall in august, Hendra Park nr Newquay to be exact, can't wait! x

Anonymous said...

Is the picture a beach in Wales??
Looks farmiliar .
Glad you got all the bags made in good time .
Love from sesga xx