Sunday, 8 March 2009

Still here ... just

balancing home life and work are always a bit of a thing with me as you may know !!
I try to do a million and one things at once and usually end up tearing my now grey hair out !!

Things are starting to get a bit busy here which is good .
I am going to make more of an effort to manage my time better so if any body has any tip's please let me know !!

This week is my proper blog birthday i did start a blog earlier but it just didn't work and i very nearly gave up but i just had to have another go and here we are 2 years later so yes there will be a bloggy birthday giveaway and this time its all made already ..... shock horror !!
This would also be because it is something i have been making this week and i am pretty sure its something you all like !!!

If any body is still interested in the inspiration packs keep a look out as i have some more nearly ready to go and a big thank you to those who have already bought them x x

oh and i still have a special mini quilt to make for somebody no names mentioned but you know who you are and i haven't forgotten i am just waiting for inspiration to strike which can be a bit difficult at times but i do hope you will think it is worth it x x

off to do some more cutting out while catching up with ski Sunday
thank goodness for sky plus have a great Sunday evening x x


Jenn said...

Lovely, lovelies. Maybe one day soon I can afford one of your beautiful inspiration packs (Makes me want to use the goodies for my girls). So glad I found you through Flossie&Tom.

Rachel said...

What a pretty pink post! Happy bloggy birthday - mine is coming up soon too so I'd better get planning! I'm not great at time management either, but I have found having my little "to-do" notebook permanently open by the laptop does help me to remember to get things done.
Oh, and I know the mini quilt will be wonderful! ;)
R x