Monday, 9 March 2009

Post number 407... giveaway

How did that happen too !!
Yes this is my 407th post ... do i talk too much ??


What would you put on your egg cosy ?

as you may remember i started making these for the kidlets for Easter
and i have decided to make a few to take along to a party evening i am doing this week.

So i just thought as i am making some i could make one extra to giveaway to mark the fact i have made over 400 posts .
This is not my bloggy birthday giveaway that will be later this week !!
So if you would like a chance to have an egg cosy just leave a comment below or on any post this week and yes you can enter both giveaways too !!

So just tell me what you think would look good on an egg cosy
and i will collect all your names pop them in the bag .

I will load up a photo of the egg cosy you can win after the school run .

here is the little cosy you can win !!

come on now don't be shy
all you secret readers ( lurkers ) are welcome to comment too !!


Kelly said...

i couldn't think of anything to write, so i asked my 3 year old - he came up with 'we love eggs' !short & sweet i guess.

i'm having a giveaway too this week so do pop over & enter


mollycupcakes said...

The Egg? or the Chicken?

Catherine x

Mrs B said...

I want one for my tea...


Lyn said...

'Soldiers?' on one side and 'Salt?' on the other, just what I want with my eggs!
but I guess you shouldn't encourage too much sodium in your diet!!!

saraeden said...

Ooooh great idea's , thank you x

Keep them coming !!

Sara x

Pink Feather Paradise said...

I think on my egg cup I would have a soldier! like the toy ones with the red hat.... you gotta have soldiers with your egg!

I wish I could cook a soft hard boiled egg that doesn't have a snotty white bit!

I am officially useless, as I cannot boil an egg! doh!

Alex x

Mollimoo said...

I think 'dip dip' would be fun...or 'fragile' or 'this way up' and an arrow?!!

Flossie and Tom said...

We had a family conference and came up with "Sunshine in a cup"


saraeden said...

Loving all these sugg-egg-stions !!

Sara x

Pixiedust said...

What about ''you crack me up''. xxxx

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

i like the ones so far :-)
my daughter said "egg on your face" !
or maybe:
4 mins = soft
7 mins = hard
(as i always forget how many mins i need to boil for :-D
lesley x

Aqeela said...

My 1st thought is an appliqued fried egg with the words "boiled or fried?" !! I dont know why i thought of that, but i did!

Thecraftytrundler said...

What about "A sunny start to the day!" or "LITTLE ONE'S FAVOURITE MEAL".
Have a great week " : )


beck said...

My Rosie is always asking for a googie - so I think I would write "Googie Love" with a little love heart x

Greedy Nan said...

Cracked - but not broken!

Lydia said...

'Do I look hot in this?'

(Pehaps for grown up egg lover only...)


Jackie said...

How about "Lay Off - this egg is mine!"

Jackie x

louise35flower said...

'You crack me up!'
Louise x

Esther said...

how about - 'eggs-actly soft boiled'?? Esther x

Lace hearts said...

How about
Warm and cosy

Love your egg cosy.

Taz said...

My wee one calls them Dippy Eggs which of course you have with soliders. So my suggestion would be Dippy Egg with a funny wee face. :)

Anonymous said...


how about "little egg nest"?

Kate x

FruteJuce said...

"go to work on an egg", you wouldn't know that statement unless you were older than about 40 and lived in the UK. The advert had a huge egg with a commuter sitting on it! Absurd!

thwartedcheekychimp said...