Friday, 27 February 2009

Thank you all soooo very much
your kind words have helped x

Today the boy had a good day at school , the teachers are brilliant and he now has someone in school that is aware off the situation and he can go to them at anytime at all .
hopefully it will all be ok from now on .... fingers crossed !

So thank you all for your support x x

We will try and get back to some kind of normal now as i do like my blog to be a happy place
a place to be positive about things and that's what i want to be supportive and positive for the boy so he can feel strong and confident about things
we do have a few plans to help with this too !!


Now on to some cute things that were found while the painting frenzy took place or i bought
and i had planned to blog about these earlier in the week

Yes my super douper wellies were a bargain
at a whole 20.00 pounds
I know you have already seen them but they are so lovely

This beauty has taken me a long time to find and it very nearly wasn't mine
but then i got a message to say you can have it .... yes !!
plus it only cost 25.00 pounds !

this cool box was a charity shop find last summer , it cost a whole 2.00 pounds and i think was the trigger for my need for red things

and last but no means least this cute chappy was 50p off the boot sale last summer
he has the same print on both sides and i think may have been some kind of shop display .

I am not sure why i don't always blog about my finds i will try and show you a few at a time but
now all i have to do is catch up with posts and packages and ooooh i did a little sewing the other day while the boy sat with me practising his times tables and most of all the thank you's i still owe !!

have a great Friday evening i am off to do a little repair work to a little something i treated myself to today and i even did a bit of haggling how very brave of me X x X x

Big hugs to you all x x x x


Jackie said...

Glad to hear that your boy had a good day back at school :O)

louise35flower said...

So pleased to hear your little man had a good day. Lovely post, especially love the cupboard and the Charlie Brown stuff!