Saturday, 28 February 2009

Thank you's

Yes here's a big thank you to
The lovely Mrs Swirly
for all this muggy goodness

ok ok what am i on about well this is what i received in the
mug swap organised by Jennyflower

It has been sat waiting to be photographed but the light has been crappy forever
ok the past week or 2
so i grabbed everything headed for the brightest window which happens to be in my sewing haven .... funny that eh ??

and here you are
this mug fits in lots of green tea so is now my sewing room mug

the family will tell you i am a bit funny about what i drink my tea from and have been known to go and swap mugs !!
This one is perfect !

My Cath collection really seems to have grown lately and these cutey are stored away for those special trips away

this beauty is sat on top of my sewing books
how cute is it ??

lots of cute stuff the mini envelopes are hidden from the Kitty child as she loves Charlie brown and snoopy !! The buttons well i love buttons what more can a say
except thank you soooooooo very much
its all perfect x x

Now i seem to have taken part in a few swaps lately
and i am going to blog for the next few days about each one !!


Swirlyarts said...

You are very welcome - and I'm glad you liked it all :)

Rosesposes said...

Hi love the goodies.
Can you send me your email address as I am making my blog private and want you to be able to visit so to speak!. Your email will only be visible to me then I will delete it after x Dom