Friday, 27 February 2009

now this is the post i wrote ...

I must have clicked the new post button so many times in the past few days ,
As i do it now i feel sad .
Sad for my self as i have struggled with it all
sad as i have missed sharing my days with you all
but mostly sad for my darling little boy .
It breaks my heart to see him upset and upset he has been !
I would go into more details but i think you can gather that he has been bullied at school .

Lots of other factors add to the mix and i just cannot talk about them yet but i feel positive that we are going to get this sorted out !

The past few days have been about staying calm and spending time just being here for him
to sit and chat with him more than normal but
mainly just to be there not that i am not normally !!

So as today we venture back into school with him and pray his day goes well

So this is the first post of today there will be another post later today including my new Kitchen finds oh and some more painting ...
yes when i am stressed i paint others clean or shop me i have to slap paint on walls !!

So there you go this is why i am now even further behind with my thanks you's and my photo's of all the things i have made and you know just stuff
but my kidlets will always come first no matter what or who
that's just being a parent !!

thank you too
all and your words of support have meant so much this week

x x


Jackie said...

Sara - I'm sorry you have had a such a horrible time! There is nothing worse than having to watch your child be unhappy, it makes you feel so helpless. Children are tougher than we think and usually bounce back a lot quicker than us! I hope that his day back at school goes well.

Take Care

Jackie x

Rachel said...

It's so heartbreaking when our kids are unhappy. I really hope things get sorted out ok for your son and that the school are being supportive. ((hugs)) Rachel x

Chrisy said...

Hope the day has gone well for you and your little one...but at least he has a lovely mum who's there for him...

smilemonsters said...

I hope all things get worked out for your little one. It's so hard to see them struggle.

Jo :)

Mummy Boo Bear said...


I am so sorry that you and your little boy are having such a time of it. Nothing worse than seeing your kids struggling.

Hope things start to look up, and take strength in the fact that he has such a strong and close family that he can rely on. Because in the end that's all we have.

Hugs Mummy Boo Bear.

louise35flower said...

I am so sorry for what you are all going through right now. We have been in this situation, as have so many others it seems, I remember well how it feels and it chokes me now to read your blog. The school seem to be doing the right thing thankfully and so are you.
It will pass, it will stop, he will be ok. I hope it resolves itself soon

Take care
Louise :)

Jude said...

The important thing is being there and supporting him. We'll all still be here when you have time. I hope things get sorted soon.

AlpHa Buttonpusher said...

I remember when I was a kid bullied at school, not something we all go through but we survive, and in some extent that makes us stronger (not that it is in any form justified). But, what i'm trying to say is that everything will be'll see :)
Wish you (all) all the best xoxo :)

Chloe said...

I hope his week ended on a good note Sara, and that you manage to get some good help and support from the school.

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Oh poor chap. Can remember being bullied myself from my own school days. The isolation. Awful.
I hope it all gets sorted out with the least amount of fuss and distress for you all.

Jackie said...

I still feel sad when my boys have problems and they are 24 and 26. One of them has been duped by his two ex employers who turned out to be absolute b******s
Its a kind of bullying. Awful on any level.

Holly said...

I'm so sorry to hear your son is being bullied. I was bullied really quite badly at school, so trust me it means a lot to your son that you are being so supportive to him right now. Even just being there will help. I hope the school can get on board and things get better for him.