Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Taking to my bed !

Sorry for not updating about the wool
it has been a bad day here today and just to finish it off we are doing crap at the football and my 3 toes have decided to dislocate themselves so i am off to bed with the ever faithful galaxy and a sewing book to try and take my mind off the pain !!

So tomorrow will be a wool update plus todays tale of why i should of stayed in bed this morning !!


beck said...

Your poor toes...ow!! Hope they, and you, are feeling better soon x

Jackie said...

Galaxy can cure most ailments - hope you enjoyed it :O)

Holly said...

Eek! Sending good thoughts your way! Get better soon okay?


Mrs B said...

oooooooooh you poor thing! I hope that your bed was a nice haven and galaxy worked its magic! x

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Chocolate is a very underated healer of many ill's.... hope yo snuggled down and mellowed out!

Take care
X Alex