Tuesday, 3 February 2009

free wool !!

yes if anybody would like some free wool please leave me a little message !!
There are all different colours and types of wool
i will add a list tomorrow as well as a few photo's
so far i have found ....
  1. pink cotton
  2. yellow cotton
  3. bright green cotton
  4. pale pink chenile
  5. red

I some how seem to have loads of wool funnily enough there is not as much as the fabric mountain but there is too much for me to use !!

Do you remember a little bee Kitty drew last summer
well i have got my bum in gear and finished the stitching bit

i just need to make it into a pouch now
For Valentines possibly yes no ?


LiliPili said...

Love the bee...very cute! Would love some wool, my mum knits the most amazing things for my little girl, so if you can be bothered sending to Austarlia and you have colours that would suit I would love some. I will post a Pic of one of my mums works.x

Flossie and Tom said...

Thats brilliant - I love the bee - it looks so happy it made me smile.


Mrs B said...

oooooooooh yes please!!!! i knit llike crazy!! xxx can i send you something in return? xx

Jackie said...

Sara - You are so generous! I would love some wool if there is still any going spare - Thanks Jackie :O)x

Kelly said...

i can't get enough of the woolly stuff at the mo - would love some please, Kellyx

cute bee too -

saraeden said...

Oh believe me there is quite a bit
i will add some photo's tomorrow when i get a chance to put it all together as i have it hidden all over the place !!

Esther said...

me, me, me!! I love free wool :o) That little bee is just adorable. I wish I had the skills to sew :o)

Jenn said...

Your bee is adorable!
But I admit it was the free wool that called to me from Flossie & Tom's blog. I've depleated my meager stash and desperately want to knit(preferably something for my girls).
But I'm thoroughly enjoying your blog :)

Hannah said...

Hi! I'm coming out of lurkdom to say thank you for following me and to say that I would too like some wool, I've started crocheting for charity so could really do with some (If there is enough) :) xx

Chrisy said...

Love the bee and yes it would make a cute valentine pouch...re the wool...i don't want it...aaaahhhhhhh i'm drowning in stuff here already...you're so good to get yourself organised and actually give it away!

Pink Feather Paradise said...

I love the bee, I must doing some sewing I have been and bought some fat quarters....and I am stalking the house looking for outgrown clothes to cut up and re-use! lol
I have started crocheting flowers and afghan squares, so some wool would be greatly appreciated, you are soo kind!
would you like something in return! you should have made it a swap for something !

x Alex

The sewing room said...

Hi love the bee was the writing done by hand or machine its very good. As for the wool no thanks got loads nice of you to think of others looks like your going to be busy posting.

Have a great day best wishes Pat

Country Bliss said...

Lovely bee. Wool would be appreciated here I never have enough of it, tried freecycle but nothing came of it.
Beautiful snow pictures.
Yvonne x

melissa_rhysdean said...

Ooh yes please! I knit cakes and would love to turn your wool into one!

pink-petal-designs said...

Hi, sara, would love some cotton yarn if there is still any available, im making a granny square blanket in cotton, i'll make ya a mug warmer.
Sarah xx

jennyflower said...

I would love some wool please, who wouldn't?

karen said...

ooooh How jenerous of you
I'd love some too if there's any left.

That bee is dead cute where do you get all your fab idea's from.

mollycupcakes said...

Oow free wool yeay! pink please if you have any left, the cupcakes love to make things and it will also be just the kick up the bum i need to learn how to knit lol if i had some pretty pink wool.
Cute bee, he's such a honey!
Thanks again for my birdie and heart.
Catherine x